ITF Icelandic Masters +30 Championships – tournament information

ITF Icelandic Masters +30 Championships starts Tuesday, June 18 at the Viking Tennis Club.

Here are links for the daily matches:
Tuesday, June 18
Wednesday, June 19
Thursday, June 20
Friday, June 21

Here are player links for a summary of all tournament matches

Here are links for each draw – 
Men´s Singles
Men´s Doubles
Women´s Singles
Women´s Doubles
Mixed Doubles –

The official ITF website for the tournament can be found here

Please arrive on time for your matches and note that the ITF´s punctuality rules will be in effect:
Matches shall follow each other without delay in accordance with the announced order of play. The order of play shall be posted at a highly visible place in a general player’s area as designated by the Referee.  Matches shall be called in accordance with the order of play using all available and  reasonable means. Players shall be ready to play when their matches are called.  Any player not ready to play within fifteen (15) minutes after his/her match is called  shall be defaulted unless the Referee in his/her sole discretion, after consideration of all relevant circumstances, elects not to declare a default.