Why Timeshare?

Timeshares are all about vacations

Timeshare vacations open the door to new adventures and destinations that create a lifetime of memories.

Today, some of the largest hospitality brands offer flexible timeshare options that work for different vacationing preferences in luxury resort settings. While some travelers love to return to the same resort and unit each year, others look forward to exploring new places — and with the range of ownership options available, a world a vacation possibilities are yours for the taking. 

Are timeshares worth it?

The short answer: Yes! – it is a prepayment of future vacations.  Any timeshare owner will say that they bought a timeshare because they love vacationing. Timeshare offers the possibility of a vacation home each year and the flexibility to choose where to go. If you value vacations as a way to spend time with your family, then owning a timeshare will bring you a lifetime of value.

How do timeshare vacations work?

Timeshare ownership has evolved over the years. What used to be a traditional fixed week with a specific unit and time each year, is now a flexible product based on points. Depending on your product type, you can use your points, or “vacation currency,” to book vacations at different resorts and locations. Owning a timeshare allows you to choose when and where you vacation.

Can I travel to other resorts?

Yes! There are 4 Timeshare resorts located in 4 countries around the world. Through your timeshare company’s exchange program, it’s easy to discover new destinations with the same resort luxury and spaciousness you’re accustomed to with a timeshare property.